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Senior, Serafina Park, Receives Full Ride Offers from Two Universities

For most, getting into the college of their choice is exciting in itself. Some students also receive partial scholarships. But for Serafina Park, a senior here at Puget Sound Adventist Academy, the sky has truly been the limit when it comes to her college career opportunities.

Serafina has received offers of a full ride to both Andrews University and Southern University based on her ACT score. The ACT scores can range anywhere from 1-36, and both of the universities offer full rides to students who receive a 34 or above—she received a 34.

This accomplishment didn’t come without its miscellaneous struggles. Serafina said, “It was often hard to stay motivated because most of my classmates were focused on other things than I was at the time.” She reflected on how she would often leave a friends house early or skip an extracurricular in order to have time to do practice tests and tutoring sessions.

Serafina plans on exploring her options in the medical field. She has been inspired by her parents, who are both dentists, and how they have positively impacted the lives of their patients.

Ron Jacaban, PSAA Principal said, “We are extremely proud of her academic accomplishments, but we are more proud of the person character that she is. She is kind, and is helpful to all students. That is what I think of when I think of Serafina.”

Serafina advises students who are committed to high achievement on the ACT to utilize practice tests, bring flashcards wherever they go and to study a little bit every day. She said, “All of that time and energy was worth it in the end. Every minute I studied and every practice test helped me to get the score that I wanted.” 

Serafina is unsure about which university she will pick, but says that she is looking for a place that emphasizes academics and has a welcoming and active community. She hopes to attend Loma Linda Medical School after receiving her college degree.