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PSAA Freshman 3 day trip to Orcas Island

Mr. Gandara led the freshman on a study adventure to Orcas Island. They students scaled the peak on Moran Park to view the surrounding islands. During the low-tide, they were able to cross the land bridge to a mall islet and explore an ancient garden without disturbing the nesting migratory birds. In addition, they saw tiny crabs, colorful starfish and the occasional transparent jellyfish and eel. When not exploring, the students learned under the trees and worked in groups to answer questions.
Orcas Christian School was an excellent host, playing unique games with the students such as four-way soccer, a unique form of dodge ball, and a clapping game. They also lent their observatory so that the students were able to view the night sky. These friendships and memories will stay with the class for a long time.
The freshman class is thankful to Mr. and Mrs. Cannon for transporting the students and for the excellent meals.