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Season Victories

This year PSAA’s boys and girls varsity basketball teams made their school proud with their hard work and unique, tandem journey toward state championships. The teams advanced into the playoff rounds after successful seasons; the boys’ win/loss record of 14 & 10, and the girls” record of 17 & 5 represent weeks of dedication and teamwork. This season showcased particularly incredible growth for the lady players, whose record last year was 9 & 14. During the regular season, fans were treated to the excitement of close games in gymnasiums charged with energy, and this was emphasized in the playoff rounds. Senior students approached the year with experience and drive, carrying their younger teammates and encouraging their growth and leadership; senior Avery Stuart was the leading scorer on the boys’ roster, and #7 for the league. Senior Mark Oliinik led the team in rebounds. This said, freshmen impressed all with their energy and expertise on the court. For the lady sharks, freshman point guard Anela Dixon was the #2 scorer in her league, with fellow freshman Jasmine Arriola grabbing the most rebounds for the team. Coaches Travis and Lisa Stuart, along with assistant coach Jason Osborne, played a huge part in this year’s success for both the boys’ and girls’ teams. Says Travis Stuart, “The guys are such a great group who have worked hard over the years to get to where they are. I have been lucky to be a part of this team and coach them throughout the playoffs. I will always remember many of the great highlights this season and the unbelievable effort displayed in the last game
going to double overtime.” Of the girls’ team, Travis continues, “The girls were so much fun to coach. They always were willing to listen and work hard. The best statement someone said to me was, ‘I can’t lie, I used to not want to watch girls games but now am looking forward to watching these girls play.’ While the end of the season came earlier than expected, this will still go down as an amazing season with great girls that we will never forget.” Congratulations to all involved—players, coaches, and fans who supported throughout a long, rewarding season full of achievement and community spirit!

(photo credit: boys team, Jason Osborne; girls team, Lauren Montague