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How To Apply


Puget Sound Adventist Academy (PSAA) is open to students who desire a rigorous Christian education and who are serious about performing at their very best. Students who apply should be willing to comply with the objectives of the school and live in harmony with its principles.


PSAA admits students of any race to all the rights, privileges, and activities generally accorded or made available to students. PSAA does not discriminate on the basis of ethnicity, culture, religion or gender in admission.


The account for the previous year’s expenses at PSAA or any other Seventh-day Adventist school must be paid in full before any student is allowed to enroll for the new school year.


All students applying to PSAA must submit an online application form that can be found on the school website at New Student Online Application. There is a $25 non-refundable application fee that is due when submitting the application, payable online only with a credit card. The school accepts Visa and MasterCard.

In addition to the application form, the following documents must also be submitted to the school office:

• Two recommendations forms; one from a former principal or teacher and one from a non-relative adult (new students only).

• Original Washington State Certificate of Immunization Status (required before any student begins school)

• A Request for Records form (for transfer students only)
Re-enrolling students must complete the online re-enrollment form found on Renweb Returning Student Application


Physical examinations are required for all new students, and all students participating in the sports program. These are good for two years and are due prior to the first practice. Washington State law requires that no student be admitted to school without a completed Washington Certificate of Immunization Status on file.


All new students must attend a conference with their parent(s) and an administrator of Puget Sound Adventist Academy before the student’s application can be completely processed.


After the complete set of Application forms and fees are turned in, the application is ready to be processed through the Admissions Committee. If the student is new to PSAA, former school records will be taken into consideration at this time. The Admissions Committee reviews each student’s application before a letter of acceptance is issued.


An application can be delayed for processing through the Admissions Committee for the following reasons:

1) the application forms are not completely filled out and/or signed,

2) the correct application fee is not paid in full,

3) the records from a previous school have not been obtained for a new student, and

4) a balance on an account from a previous year at PSAA or other SDA school has not been paid in full. No space will be retained in a classroom for any student whose application is being held.


Each year new and returning students will receive a Letter of Acceptance when all application or reapplication requirements are satisfactorily met and the students’ records have been reviewed by the Admissions Committee.  Following acceptance, the student will be reserved a spot on the class roster.


After an application is processed through the Admissions Committee and a letter of acceptance is issued, a Financial Contract must be signed by the individual(s) responsible for the student’s account. The person(s) responsible for the account are designated as the financial sponsor of the student. Financial sponsors can sign their Financial Contracts by contacting the Business Manager at PSAA. No student will be allowed into a classroom on the first day of school until the financial contract is signed by the individual(s) responsible for the student’s account.


Students who wish to apply to Puget Sound Adventist Academy should first contact the school's International Student Coordinator to determine if space is available in the desired grade level. Applying students should have a moderate level of English proficiency. TOEFL tests will be used to determine and monitor student English language proficiency and development.


Returning students will be notified when the re-enrollment period is open. Re-enrollment is done through the parent’s page of Renweb http://www.factsmgt.com.


All new students making application to attend PSAA must furnish a record of their previous schooling. Entering freshmen need to show evidence of completion of eighth grade. Acceptance will be probationary until these records are on file. Grade placement may be delayed until previous transcripts are received.