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Financial Information

Financial Information

Puget Sound Adventist Academy operates financially on the basis of (1) tuition revenue and (2) subsidy funds provided by our affiliated churches. Every effort is made to keep tuition rates to a minimum in order to help insure that a quality education can be as affordable as possible for those who desire a Christian learning environment.

Before a student is enrolled in the school, a parent or guardian must accept financial responsibility for the student by signing a Financial Agreement form stating that the account will be paid on a regular and timely basis.

Families who are members of affiliated churches receive a discounted tuition rate.

Affiliated Seventh-day Adventist Churches include: 24/7, Bellevue, Bellevue Spanish, Eastside SDA Fellowship, Edmonds, Emerald City, Everett Forest Park, Everett Indonesian, Kirkland, Marysville, Monroe, North Creek, Renton Spanish, Russian Center, and Snohomish.


For current tuition and fees information, please call the Admissions Office at (425) 822-7554.        

Entrance Fee: $500 if paid by August 1. An additional $50 surcharge if paid after August 1. The entrance Fee is non-refundable and must be paid in full or arrangements made before students can begin classes.

Class Dues:   9th and 10th grades:  $5/mo            11th & 12th grades:   $10/mo

Other fees may be charged throughout the year as deemed necessary, such as, but not limited to: sport team participation, ASB and class activities, technology, and field trips.

Tuition and class dues: are billed monthly for 10 months September-June. Payment is due on the 1st of each month and considered late after the 10th of the month. A late fee of $15 may be applied for non-payment.


1. Multiple student discounts: Families who have multiple children in the school will receive a tuition discount for each child enrolled of $10/month.

2. Early full payment discounts: Full payment of the annual tuition on or before the first day of school receives a 3% discount. Class Dues and Entrance Fees are not discounted.

3. Equalization Discount: Families who commute 30 miles or more one-way to school are qualified to receive a $200 credit on their account, at the end of each semester after completing the appropriate application form that is available from the Business Office.


Limited financial assistance is available through the school. Families needing tuition help are encouraged to first seek assistance from their local church.


1. Complete the PSAA enrollment application form that is available online on the school website.

2. Apply for financial assistance from your local church in June.

3. Fill out the financial information form that is online at www.factstuitionaid.com by June 1. NOTE: Please contact the school office to (1) confirm that your completed www.factstuitionaid.com form has been received or (2) if for some reason, you are unable to complete the form to set up a personal appointment to discuss financial assistance options.

4. Meet with the school Business Manager to develop your financial plan.


Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) is available to those who qualify through the FACTS reports. Awards vary based on the level of need.


Student Work/Match Program allows for qualified students to work on campus and receive a match from the school up to $70 per month. On campus work is first offered to those who qualify as verified by the FACTS assessment tool. Students who do not perform work satisfactorily will be dropped from the Work/Match pro- gram and the financial shortfall becomes the responsibility of the parent. Student workers must have a social security number, complete the I-9, and W-4 and meet certain standards required by law before starting work. Off-Campus student work will be matched up to $70/month as verified by a pay stub when applied to the students account. PSAA will match, up to 50%, any student work at Youth Camps or Youth Rush as verified by the employer.


Refund of credit balances must be requested in writing by the person responsible for the account. No refunds are given unless the refund is above any tuition assistance received from the school or church.


Students with a balance remaining from the previous school year will not be permitted to return until satisfactory arrangement is made with the business office and/or the Finance Committee to clear the past due amount.


Once an account is past due it becomes the responsibility of the “person responsible for the account” to contact the Business Office to establish a payment plan that includes the steps to be taken to bring the account current. The Finance Committee reviews past due accounts on a regular basis. Accounts over 60 days will receive a letter of warning asking that the account be brought current. Accounts past due over 90 days will receive a second letter. If the account is still not brought current and no payment plan has been established with the business office, the student will be suspended from school and unable to attend class. If the situation is not satisfactorily resolved the student will then be asked to withdraw from school.

TRANSCRIPTS, GRADES AND DIPLOMAS are not released until accounts are paid in full. Graduation exercises and class trips are subject to accounts being current or satisfactory arrangements having been made with the Finance Committee.


Checks that are returned will result in a $20 fee being added to the student’s account.


Students, who enter school late or are absent from school for a period of time will be charged full tuition if they are allowed to make up work and receive full credit.


Students who withdraw after the 15th of the month will be charged a full month of tuition. Tuition for withdrawals before the 15th will be prorated.