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Information you can use!

College and career guidance services are available through the Academic Counselor, Karen Murcia.  Mrs. Murcia meets with the seniors on a quarterly basis to discuss their post-secondary plans and advises on steps to be taken in regard to choosing a college or university as well as research into their career choice. All students are encouraged to visit this page often and to meet with the Academic Counselor in regards to their future plans.
If your child is applying to Walla Walla University, please look at the scholarships that are available, and in most cases, renewable!  Walla Walla Freshman Scholarships.  For other scholarship possibilities, start with Fast Web.  You put in the the parameters and it will give you a list of possible scholarships!
We have included the Freshman Selection Guidelines for UCLA for the school year 2017-2018 because it contains good information on how highly competitive universities select freshmen.  Please take to look it over, especially if you plan for your child to attend a non-Adventist university.