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Student Life

Student Life


Chapel and assembly services are important for building school spirit and unity and are considered an important part of the school curriculum. Books, notebooks, or other materials for studying or reading are not permitted
in assemblies or chapel programs. Courtesy and appreciation should be shown to all speakers, performers, and program participants.


During school hours, students are expected to be in a classroom or study hall. Students in the hall must have a classroom pass for the specific purpose of using the restroom or reporting to the office. Books and personal items should be stored in a hall/gym locker or classroom.


Lockers are available for students. We ask students to please USE your locker. This is the only way to secure your personal items. Lockers are a convenience privilege. Any vandalism, modification, marking or defacing, or unauthorized entry of a locker will result in suspension of locker privileges. Lockers ARE NOT to be forced or left unlocked. Lockers are the property of the school. Things displayed in lockers should be consistent with the philosophy of the school. Locker inspections may be made from time to time. The school reserves the right to search any locker it deems necessary. SECURITY OF LOCKER CONTENTS AND LOCK COMBINATION IS THE SOLE RESPONSIBILITY OF THE STUDENT. The school assumes no responsibility for damage to or loss of books, clothing, musical instruments, or other personal property left by anyone on the school grounds or in the school building either during or after school hours.


Food is not allowed in classrooms. Consumption of food and drink will be limited to authorized areas (student lounge and cafeteria). Food or drinks are not allowed in the computer lab or in the vicinity of school computers. Food or drinks (with the exception of water) are not allowed on the gym floor.


Under certain conditions, outside dates may be escorted to the ASB/JSB Banquets. Students must follow the prescribed process for obtaining approval of an outside date. Outside dates must be willing to adhere to regular PSAA school rules. Elementary students and students more than 2 years past their high school graduation are not eligible to attend PSAA banquets. Requests to bring an outside date must be submitted AT LEAST two weeks prior to the event for faculty approval.


Puget Sound Adventist Academy operates as a “closed campus” and students are not allowed to leave campus during school class time (8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.). Students must sign out at the office when leaving with an authorized adult during these times.


The only exception to PSAA’s “closed campus” policy is that for 2nd Semester a senior student may be granted off-campus driving privileges during the lunch period based on demonstrated responsibility exhibited 1st Semester. Seniors will need to complete the appropriate paperwork that includes both a parental signature of approval as well as school authorization. Students are required to sign in and out at the office when entering and leaving campus. Like all other students, seniors are expected to arrive on time for class and other activities. Academic, behavior, and attendance problems will result in forfeiture of senior off-campus driving privileges. Seniors are not permitted to have other students in their car when driving during the school day.


Any student who needs to leave during the school day due to illness or appointments must sign out with the front office before leaving with an authorized adult. The parent needs to send a note to the school office. The student needs to sign back in when they return from their appointment.


In the event of emergency or extreme weather conditions, the school will utilize the One Call Now phone notification system, as well as notifying the three major TV stations (KOMO, KING and KIRO). Families can also check the school website at www.psaa.org.


No electronics, with the exception of iPads, tablets and personal computers may be used during school hours (8:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.) unless authorized by a school staff member for a specific educational purpose. Personal computers brought to school must be approved by the IT Department. Other electronic equipment, toys, or games are not to be used on campus during the school day or on any school sponsored trips. Non-educational use of electronics (i.e. gaming, personal music listening, etc.) is not allowed during the school day.

Exceptions to this policy may be allowed in special circumstances or for certain classes at the discretion of an individual teacher. Should a teacher permit the use of such a device for class, it can be used only for class and then put away. Otherwise, such items, if visible or being used will be confiscated and held until the end of the school day. A $10.00 retrieval fee will be charged. Repeat violations will result in items being confiscated for a longer period of time and returned only to a parent. PSAA personnel will not be held responsible for any electronic equipment brought to school that is damaged, lost, stolen or confiscated.


Although PSAA recognizes that parents want to be able to reach their students by phone, personal cell phones must be turned OFF and OUT OF SIGHT during class time. Cell phones may be used during the lunch period only. Exceptions to this policy may be allowed in special circumstances or for certain classes at the discretion of an individual teacher. Should a teacher permit the use of such a device for class, it can be used only for class and then put away. Phones will be confiscated if used, seen or heard in class. A $10.00 retrieval fee will be charged. Phones that are confiscated repeatedly may be held until the end of the semester or school year. PSAA assumes no responsibility for any cell phone that is brought onto the PSAA campus.

School administration, teachers, or staff may, when necessary, utilize student cell phone numbers or personal email (call, text, automatic notifications) to communicate important information, updates, or reminders.


Puget Sound Adventist Academy recognizes that the appropriate use of technology is an important part of the educational process. The school provides Internet access for student use for educational purposes only. It is a general expectation that all computers, including personal computers, used at PSAA are to be used in a responsible, efficient, ethical, and legal manner.

The following uses of the Internet and/or social media are considered unacceptable:

  • Posting of personal information including, but not limited to, address, phone numbers, etc.
  • Re-posting (forwarding) personal communications without the author’s prior consent
  • Using the network for financial gain, for commercial activity or for any illegal activity
  • Attempts to gain unauthorized access to any computer system on or off campus
  • Plagiarism and copyright infringement of work found on the Internet
  • Accessing of profane or obscene material or sites or any site that advocates illegal acts, violence, or dis- crimination towards others
  • Use of email or social media to bully or treat others with disrespect or ridicule.
  • Copying commercial software in violation of copyright laws.
  • Non-educational activities such as playing computer games, viewing movies or instant messaging without permission

The person to whom an account is issued is responsible at all times for its proper use. Users must not give a password to another user. Failure to adhere to the policy and guidelines, as described above, will result in the revocation of privileges.

By enrolling at Puget Sound Adventist Academy, students (and their parents) are agreeing to comply with these Acceptable Use Standards.




Puget Sound Adventist Academy utilizes iPads as a digital learning tool. Interactive and engaging digital textbooks, the availability of online resources, and the wide range of media applications, provide stimulating opportunities to more fully engage students in learning.


Textbooks for most classes are available electronically and can be utilized via iBooks on the iPads. These textbooks are interactive and are a very useful resource for student learning.


iPads are available for rental from the school for a fee of $20 per month and come preloaded with the available electronic textbooks.


Some families and/or students already have their own personal iPads that they prefer to use. This is acceptable, however, it will then be up to the students to purchase and download the electronic versions of the textbooks for themselves. Some individuals may prefer to use tablets utilizing other operating platforms (Android, Microsoft, etc.), however, many of the electronic textbooks may not be available in these formats. It would then be the student’s responsibility to find the appropriate textbooks. Versions of the electronic textbooks for other platforms may not include the multimedia features such as videos, slideshows, interactive charts, etc. and therefore may not provide the same kind of comprehensive learning experience as do the iBooks that are utilized on the iPads.


Students utilizing personal tablets at school should not have inappropriate applications and/or materials on their devices that do not harmonize with school policy. The school reserves the right to confiscate and examine such devices in the presence of the student should inappropriate usage be suspected.


Hardcopy textbooks will be provided to students in classes that don’t utilize an electronic textbook. Students will be responsible for the care and condition of the textbooks and will be subject to additional fees for books that are damaged or lost.


If a student prefers to have a hardcopy version of a class textbook, it will be the responsibility of the student to purchase the book from an outside vendor such as Amazon, ebay, etc.


A detailed iPad policy is available with the user agreement.




As a safety precaution for our students please follow all traffic direction arrows and signs. All vehicle traffic is designed to flow in a north to south direction only. Please enter using the 108th Avenue N.E. driveway only and exit only onto N.E. 53rd via the driveway in front, or through the gate behind the school. Please do not stop or park along the curb in front of the office/gym. Use marked parking spaces only. Please adhere to the strict 5 MPH speed limit when driving through campus. Because of recess and class schedules, there is no parking or through traffic in the playground area behind the school from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. All student parking is located outside the front gate in front of the elementary building.


Any student driving a vehicle to and from school must park the vehicle outside the gate and in the lot in front of the elementary building. A student may lose school driving privileges for unsafe or uncooperative actions. Students may not transport other students to school events without (1) express permission of the school sponsor and (2) express permission being given by the parent/guardian to the school sponsor.