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Mathematics Teacher

Stan Nelson was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and returns after 25 years of teaching math, physics and coaching gymnastics in our boarding academies. He has a B.S. in mathematics and a minor in physical education with a teaching credential from Walla Walla

University. Mr. Nelson holds an M.S. in mathematics education from Boise State University. He has been blessed to work for nearly all of his teaching career with his wife and childhood sweetheart, Sami.


Mr. Nelson loves teaching and developing lifelong relationships with his students. He is passionate about mathematics and helping students understand its beauty while realizing their own potential to learn its grandeur. He feels that students that have good communication and

mathematics skills are well equipped and have great opportunities to succeed in a broader spectrum of disciplines of collegiate study and career goals. Mr. Nelson loves the structure of algebra, the overwhelming beauty of geometry, and the fascinating depth and power of

precalculus and calculus. He feels that it is a blessing from God to be afforded the opportunity to share the good news of our creator and redeemer, and the wonder of this language and order that He has gifted his children with.


Mr. Nelson enjoys spending time with his wife and two adult children. He likes athletics and sports (go Seahawks!), bicycling, motorcycling, Rubik’s cubes, puzzles and brain teasers. He never wants to stop learning, and enjoys tinkering with just about anything mechanical or structural.

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