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Dr. Perrin received his bachelor’s degree in Biology and Chemistry from Walla Walla College, now Walla Walla University. He then received his Master's in Nutrition and Health Education; and Doctorates in Preventative Care and Health Science. After a short stint in clinical work, Dr. Perrin realized that he enjoyed formal education much more. He said, "There is a lot of personal satisfaction in guiding students through in-depth inquiry about the world in which we live and the practical application of knowledge, skills, attitudes and behavior." What he is most passionate about, is "Nudging students a little closer to Jesus Christ."

Dr. Perrin enjoys leading the teams at KSDA and PSAA because a K-12 program has given him the opportunity to get to know the parents of the students. He said, "I find a much greater family approach to education here, than I had at the university level."

In his spare time, Dr. Perrin enjoys doing anything with a ball, water, trail, birds, nature and always seeking the next adventure. He enjoys spending time with his wife, Gayla Martin Norton and with their five adult children and two grandchildren. Gayla teaches grades five and six at KSDA, where she attended as a child. 

KSDA and PSAA are blessed by the addition of the Dr. Perrin and his wife—welcome to the PSAA/KSDA family!

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