Mathematics & Spanish Teacher

Ms. Nelson graduated from Walla Walla University with a B.S. in elementary education with a minor in Spanish and holds a certificate in mathematics. She never thought she would teach at the high school level, but has thoroughly enjoyed the transition from elementary to secondary education. While in college, one of her best experiences was studying abroad in Spain for her junior year. Being of Latino and Hispanic descent, she was very familiar with the language, but learned so much from the exposure of a whole new culture that Spain has to offer. She has a passion for bringing awareness and celebrating the Hispanic heritage within the United States, especially because she grew up in Miami, FL, where the Latino culture is very vibrant. She shares this passion in her classroom by incorporating various culture classes where the students can learn and experience food, music and traditions.

Ms. Nelson has a love for mathematics and always tries to make it a key emphasis in her class on the importance of the subject. She teaches all the mathematic courses PSAA offers from algebra 1 up to calculus, if possible. Because of PSAA's advanced math track, students are able to graduate from Puget Sound with five mathematics courses by their senior year. This is especially of interest to those that plan on moving on to careers with a STEM emphasis, but she believes that if we are being honest, you'll always need math no matter what you do.

Ms. Nelson has various interests including music, outdoors, travel, ministry and the Miami Heat. She loves working in a place where she can freely mentor and share those interests with her students, ultimately creating bonds with them to lead them towards God's Kingdom.