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Vice Principal & Science Teacher

Kelly Jordan earned a BS in Biology with a minor in Chemistry from Walla Walla University. She is also in the process of completing a Masters in Administration and Leadership. Though born and raised in the Pacific Northwest, Kelly took a hiatus and spent time teaching science at Fresno Adventist Academy during the years of 2000-2015. She is excited to return to an area that is familiar (and cooler!).

It wasn’t until her summer at Walla Walla’s Marine Station in Rosario that Kelly realized the call to teaching. During that time, she was in charge of the General Biology summer intensive laboratory. While given guidelines to the topics being covered in the class, she had the freedom to make the lab time her own. Kelly learned that preparing her lessons that focused on how to make the learning approachable and practical were the keys to a successful experience for her students. In addition using humor, communicating clear expectations, providing strategies to learn, and interacting with the students are the key components to learning in her science classroom. An undeniable benefit to teaching in Adventist schools is being able to share with the students the way God always sticks with us. Kelly hopes that students can experience first hand that close walk with Him through prayer, Bible study, and service to others.

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