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Why Give

Your support in all forms, donations, gifts, service and prayers, allows students to receive a quality Christian education here at Puget Sound Adventist Academy. Your generosity, regardless of size makes a huge difference in the lives of students. 

Because PSAA…

  • Strongly believes in helping students who want to attend PSAA, however need additional tuition assistance 

  • Relies on the generosity of donations to bridge the gap that tuition alone does not cover

  • Is a Christian non-profit organization and all donations and gifts are tax deductible as allowable by law

  • Provides a balanced and safe environment where students can learn and develop a relationship with Christ

  • Believes that all students have the potential for success and PSAA strives to prepare students for college and adult life


Thank you for giving


The student TAP is one of our most valuable programs here at PSAA. Our TAP assists 25% of our students who would otherwise be unable to attend PSAA without additional financial assistance. This program makes PSAA a reality for an estimated 3 to 4 students in each classroom. Our annual fundraising goal is $40,000.

Thank you for making a difference in a student's life by donating to TAP. Please contact Ron Jacaban, our Principal, at for more information. 


Partnering for Eternity (PFE) is a grant program sponsored by Southern Adventist University which promotes connections between young people and the elderly community members through mentorship and visitation. For every hour a student visits with an elderly mentor, the PFE grant will contribute to a student's tuition through a matching funds formula. This gives families an active role in defraying tuition costs in a positive way. 

Each participating school is responsible for matching and contributing 30% of the funds awarded to the program. Our goal is to raise $4,000 for the PFE matching program. 

We invite anyone who is interested to either become partners in the program through donations or by becoming a mentor. 

Contact Tamera Meeks, our Business Manager, at for more information.


The Capital Improvement funds any needed facility improvements. Currently we are raising funds for the following:

  • For a campus kitchen remodel

  • Additional security measures

  • New school student transportation vehicles

  • Improving technology

Contact Ron Jacaban, our Principal, at for more information. 


Here at PSAA we believe in service, which is why every other year our junior and senior students have the opportunity to go on an international mission trip to serve our wold wide community. Fundraising for this event occurs as soon as the current trip is complete.

As you plan your year's giving plan, please consider a mission trip where students will get first hand experience in giving back to our world in need. 

If you would like to sponsor a student and/or donate to the mission trip, please contact our campus chaplain, Pastor Troy Ahrens at for more information. 


If you are interested in participating in the Athletic Department's Sponsorship and Banner program, go the athletics page or email

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