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One way that PSAA promotes the concept of connection and involvement in our community is through the Assist Program, managed through Southern Adventist University.

The Assist program and connects PSAA students with local senior citizens. Students will meet with their mentor for at least an hour once a week. After each visit the student will fill out a short form/write a reflection about their visit, which usually takes less than 5 minutes. After completing the reflection, the money will be deposited into their student account. 

There are many benefits to this program, listed below are a few ways that it has impacted our students:

  • The grant program is a source of financial support for students. This year alone the ASSIST program will contribute over $13,000 to student accounts.

  • Because many of our students live far away from their grandparents, this gives them an opportunity to spend time with a local senior citizen and benefit from their friendship and wisdom.

  • Our students provide companionship, light housekeeping and tech support to their senior mentors, making this a mutually beneficial relationship.

This program is fun, simple and is changing and improving the lives of both the mentors and students. 

To learn more about the origin of this generous program or to sign up, click on the button below:

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