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History & Bible Teacher

Mr. Munson graduated from Walla Walla University with his BA in History, and later with a M.Ed. in Secondary School Administration. In addition, he has a minor in Religion. His passion for history manifests itself in a classroom where learning about our past and our present is both exciting and meaningful. His emphasis on a strong personal relationship with God is reflected in all of his classes every day. He emphasizes getting involved with democracy and being an individual who makes a difference in this world. His goals include helping to create happy and involved Christians that make life easier and better for others.

Mr. Munson combines his interest in History by conducting extensive tours to Europe and also with in our state as part of his state history class. (His field trip by train to historic sites in Washington remains a very popular highlight of the class.) He also travels on his own to many parts of the world. An interest in service projects worldwide has resulted in his involvement with a non-profit organization that enables him to take alumni on humanitarian trips to Haiti. He has two adult children (and 4 of the cutest grand children known to man) and currently resides in Bothell, Washington, with his wife Jeneil and son Christopher.

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