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Registrar, Life Skills Teacher & Business Manager

Tamera graduated from Walla Walla University with a degree in business administration and a concentration in marketing. She worked for many years in the private sector in sales, marketing and IT. She has also worked at home, raising four children before she transitioned into a teaching, registrar and business role here at PSAA and KSDA schools.

She loves teaching because she enjoys the energy of young people and loves to be in a position to encourage students to reach their amazing and individual potential. She is passionate about remaining curious and continuing to explore even as one advances in age. She enjoys cooking, baking and running in her spare time. Tamera enjoys working at a Christian school, and specifically, a Seventh-day Adventist school, because students and staff can be open when sharing spiritual ideas. She also enjoys the freedom of encouraging a relationship with Jesus as a lifestyle.

She likes teaching at PSAA because the community is much like a large family. Additionally, staff and students have a great rapport with one another. Her roles as registrar and business manager give her the opportunity to work with each student and family and help create a great experience both academically and financially. She enjoys the challenge of helping create an educational and encouraging environment that will serve as a launch pad for students as they prepare to take on further academia and future adult responsibilities. 

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