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"As someone who attended KSDA/PSAA from 1st-10th grade, I have a unique perspective. PSAA provides an amazing learning environment where Christian behavior is modeled by faculty and staff. PSAA provides a place where your relationship with God can grow while also having opportunities to develop a diverse and broad set of life experiences."

-Nick Nordby, PSAA Board Chair, Parent of PSAA Graduates- Class of 2019 & Class of 2015

"PSAA is not just a school, it's four years of my life I truly won't forget. To look back on and remember the support from parents, teachers and each student of the school proves it's more than just a school, but a family. I am also appreciative of the strong volleyball program, which laid the foundation for me to be picked up to play college volleyball. I’ll never forget the lessons in leadership, Christian sportsmanship and communication, I learned on the court, that I’ll be able to use off the court for the rest of my life."

-Emi Bezman, Graduating Class of 2019

"We have a unique perspective on PSAA because we have four kids who have been or are currently enrolled here. There are three key areas where PSAA shines: 1) Desirable teacher-to-student ratios. 2) Solid academics, outstanding music program and competitive sports team. 3) A faith-based approach-our children taught by teachers who share our ethics and morals. PSAA carries the banner for providing a safe, enriching and fun place to develop our kids as productive members of society."

-Matt & Tamera Meeks, Parents of Current Student and PSAA Graduates- Class of 2018 & Class of 2017

"The faculty truly care about each of us and are thoroughly involved in our growth as individuals. PSAA was a really fun place to go to school, especially because of its extracurricular activities offered, such as a strong athletic program, mission trips and travel opportunities where we got to experience not just academics in the classroom, but real-world experiences."

-Julia Sarli, Class of 2019

"As a parent and coach at PSAA, I would describe the school as a family. Everything about the school from the teachers, parents, students, and alumni, to the music department and athletics all support and love each other. With the small classes and tight-knit atmosphere, the teachers really have a personal interest in and relationship with the students. They are able to focus on individualized learning to make sure each child succeeds in the classroom. As the coach of the volleyball team, I have been able to witness first hand the dedication of the students and the staff for the sports programs. It is an honor to be a part of the amazing Christian atmosphere and see the attitude that is demonstrated by the athletes in games and all aspect of school life. Our family has been blessed to be a part of the PSAA family for the last 15 years and it will hold a special place in our hearts as alumni parents going forward."

-Bruce Wiedemann, PSAA parent and long-time volleyball coach (pictured left to right: Alex (Class of 2020) and Bruce Wiedemann).

"Why PSAA? Funny enough, I didn't have much of a choice since my siblings went there and it was all set up for me but I couldn't be more happy about that. I was immediately embraced and loved by this community. Everyone is so caring and loving that we have become a family. I've created memories that will last forever and friendships that will last a lifetime!"

-Cliff Tampake, Class of 2020, Current ASB President 2019-2020


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