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Investing in the Future

Financial Information: Admissions


2024-2025 SCHOOL YEAR

Entrance Fee

(Registration or re-enrollment must be complete at the time of payment)

$550 if paid by May 15, 2024

$650 if paid by May 16, 2024 and beyond

Please Note:

  • The entrance fee is non-refundable

  • Registration of re-enrollment must 


$12,100 - Annual Tuition

$11,100 - Annual Tuition for Constituent Church Members*

Please Note:

  • Tuition does not include additional trips, dues, fees and incidentals

  • Tuition rates are subject to change

*Discounts apply to students who are members of the following constituent supporting churches:  24-Seven Ministry Center, Bellevue SDA Church, Bellevue Central Spanish Church, Eastside SDA Fellowship, Edmonds SDA Fellowship, Emerald City Community SDA Church,  Everett Indonesian SDA Church, Forest Park SDA Church, Kirkland SDA Church, Marysville SDA Church, Monroe Adventist Church, North Creek Christian Fellowship SDA Church, Russian Center for Spiritual Enrichment, and Startup SDA Church.

*Items not included in tuition are: 


       (This list is not all-inclusive) 


Tuition payments are divided into 10 months, from September 1 and ending on June 1.


Payments are due on the 1st of every month and considered late after the 10th of every month. A $20 late fee is charged for late payments. The NSF check charge is $30

Dues for 9-10 grade are $15 per month, 11-12 grade dues are $30 per month and are billed on your statement. 

There is a $10 per month per student discount for families with multiple students enrolled at PSAA.


Our academy strives to assist students who wish to attend PSAA. Each family’s financial circumstances are unique and a number of factors are considered in calculating tuition assistance.  The most helpful tool in determining aid eligibility is done through the FACTS application process. FACTS is an information gathering company we contract that rates the level of tuition assistance needs.  


Please follow the steps outlined below to begin your request for tuition assistance: 

1.  Go to the FACTS Web Site at  Click below to go directly to the site. 

2.  Sign in using an existing account or create a new account as a new user.

3.  Click on Puget Sound Adventist Academy as the school.

4.  Fill out the application.

5.  Send your personal financial information to FACTS through their secure Web Site. 

6.  The FACTS application process costs $35 payable to FACTS with a credit card. 

7.  Once your information has been received and processed by FACTS, the PSAA business office will receive notification.

8.  If you are a member of a constituent Church, please complete a "Request for Tuition Assistance" form provided by your            

     local church.

9.  FACTS and church requests for assistance must be completed first, before scheduling an appointment with the business       manager. 

10.  Schedule an appointment through, the front office at (425) 822-7554, to meet with the business manager during the month of July to finalize your financial plan.  


Please be aware that FACTS does not award funds. Financial aid is determined by the financial committee. 


Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) 

Annual fundraising efforts are made each year to raise money for the Tuition Assistance Program (TAP). Assistance is granted based on the limited available funds raised each year. TAP funds are available for families who quality through the FACTS evaluation process. If you would like to apply for assistance, please contact the business office for more information.

Other possible tuition assistance opportunities for qualifying students:

  • Hispanic Scholarship from the Washington SDA Conference through the school.  (Awarded to 6 students)

  • Student Work Program 

  • The Assist Grant Program, click here.

  • Tuition assistance through your Church.  Please contact your Church for information.

Answers to Common Questions:

What is FACTS?

A: FACTS is an information gathering company PSAA contracts that evaluates, measures, and rates the level of tuition assistance a family qualifies for.   

Will I get awarded what FACTS determines my student is eligible for? 


A:  Not necessarily. Please note that FACTS does not award funds. It only gives a recommendation as to the level of eligibility. The PSAA Business Office and Committee makes the final determination of how much tuition assistance is awarded, based on current funds available, a family’s FACTS evaluation and need, other sources a family receives for tuition assistance and on a family’s ability and commitment to pay their portion of the tuition each month. 


Should I fill out the FACTS application BEFORE making an appointment with the Business Manager?


A:  Yes. Please fill out the FACTS application and request Church assistance from your local Church before making an appointment with the Business Manager.  


Are there any additional steps I should do in the application process?


A:  Yes. It is recommended that every family complete a “Request for Tuition Assistance” form provided by your local Church. Assistance provided by your local Church will factor in a student’s eligibility for assistance through the school.  


Do families have monthly commitments? 


A: Yes. Non-payment of monthly financial commitments and overdue tuition accounts will FORFEIT ALL TAP tuition assistance for that month.


When can families apply?  


A:  Feel free to begin your tuition assistance application for the next school year any time after February 1.  PSAA requires the most recent W-2 tax information as a part of the application process.  


Is there a deadline to apply?


A: Yes. July is the ideal month to make an appointment with the Business Manager to finalize financial plans for the upcoming school year.  Appointments can be scheduled through the front office. Please note that summer hours are on a limited schedule, so please plan ahead. 


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