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The National Honor Society (NHS) is for students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, leadership, service, and character.  Members are nominated from juniors and seniors who meet the minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.5.  Every student who meets this minimum is rated for leadership, service and character.  NHS members must rate above average in every category.  It is not enough that the student has not had discipline incidents or that they participate in service projects that are required of all students. Because NHS membership requires significant time devoted to service and leadership, some students who qualify and are nominated for membership, may choose to decline membership because they will not be able to meet the obligations.

NHS meets once a week after school on a day that is determined to work best for the members and adviser.  Although these meetings usually last less than an hour, students will need time to work together to prepare for service projects and to plan activities.  Attendance and participation in NHS meetings is mandatory. This is an organization for students who want more opportunities for leadership and service beyond those that they are already involved in. On average, there is one service project per quarter. The first semester projects do not require as much planning by the students. The second semester service projects are mostly organized by individual members and reflect the unique interests and passions of the members.  It is important that the members support each other in their service projects.

Since service is such an important part of developing leadership and character, the selection of projects should be a matter of prayer and careful consideration. Members should select projects that will create a lasting improvement in the lives of those who they seek to serve. Thought should also be given to how the larger student body will be able to participate in the service project. This is where leadership comes in. It will be necessary to organize, publicize and provide leadership to successfully execute the projects. 

NHS is an exciting an active organization for young people. Because of requirements for membership and the nature of the activities, membership in NHS is respected by all colleges and universities.



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